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Prayer for Pets

Posted in animal communication, Distance healing

Dear God,


Thank you for all the beloved pets in my life. For all the attention that they give me every day. I thank you God for all the warmth and kindness that I receive from my pets.

Thank you for the wonderful paws with which pets walk upon this Earth. Thank you for the fact that they help me feel connected with nature.

It is so wonderful to go outside and play with my animal friends on this Earth!

I thank you God for all the serenity that pets bring me and for the fact that with them my heart feels at peace.

I thank you for all the happiness that I feel when I hold a cat in my arms and when I caress a dog. I thank you that I can hold in my hands something as warm and little as a hamster and I can feel its heart beating close to my heart.


I thank you God that I can express so much joy when I play together with pets.

I thank you for all the blessings that pets bring in my life and for the fact that they help me do physical exercises.

I thank you for my beloved pets that teach me to be more caring with myself and to relax.


Please God help me be mucprayer for petsh more open to their love.  Help me understand in what way they show their love to me. Help me be more responsible so that I might know what is good for me and how to take care of myself and my beloved pets.

Help me communicate better with myself and to know myself truly.

Help me better communicate with my dear animal friends and to know intuitively what they want  and  what they need. Help me know when to have a firm attitude and when to relax.

Please God take care of my beloved pets and keep them safe. Take care of them day and night.   Please protect them.

Tell me what I need to know so that my beloved pets enjoy perfect health.

Please God send Archangel Raphael to be with me and to help me have perfect health.

I know that Archangel Rafael helps me recognize and maintain a state of perfect health for me and   my dear pets.


Please God, show me how to behave with my dear pets, how to feed them, what are the best places for them, and how to take care of my pets so that they enjoy happiness, vitality and perfect health.

Help me God to have the necessary financial resources, support, and knowledge so that I can provide them the best care.


I thank you for guiding me to the best veterinarians and to people that also love pets.

With my pets I learn how to be natural and I am more open and friendly. With pets I can easily show my compassion and love.

I thank you God for all the wonderful moments I spend together with pets.

From them I learn how to be more vigilant, flexible and aware.

With dear pets I learn how to show my loving nature, to be a more sincere person, I am more giving and good.


Thank you God.